Social Media & Content Assistance

Save money by hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time social media manager 🤘

Social Media Assistant or Social Media Manager?

Hiring a social media manager/specialist can be very expensive. You'll probably need one in the future, but right now if you just need help with a few things like:

  • engagement
  • keeping data on followers
  • answering DMs
  • making connections
  • delete all spam
  • repurpose existing content

Then hiring a social media assistant is a great solution. Social media assistants can also take care of other typical admin tasks like your inbox, research, calendar, etc.


Your social media assistant can:

Keep track of data

Weekly or monthly, your assistant can create reports on your follower count, views, post interactions, etc.

Engage with other people/businesses

To keep your social media profile(s) alive, your assistant will respond to, comment, and/or like other relevant content.

Repurpose and re-post content

Using existing long-form content (i.e. articles, podcasts, videos) and repurposing into shorter content + simple graphics for social media posts.

Answer DMs and delete spam

Your assistant can reply to all your direct messages in all social media platforms on your behalf, while cleaning up any spam in your inboxes.

Follow back and follow up

Your assistant can follow up/engage with people who have shown interest in your products/services and turn them into paying customers.

Create a social media calendar

Using ClickUp/Later/other platforms, your assistant can craft and schedule fresh content every week/month for your social media channels.

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