Prospecting & Outreach

Hire a virtual assistant to help with your lead generation tasks.

Your lead generation assistant is one of the keys to growing your business.

Beyond ads and other marketing channels, client prospecting and outreach is another way to get in the heart of your target audience with personalized messages.

Your assistant will implement your outreach strategies via email or social media, research prospects, create data reports, and generate leads. If you have a sales team, having lead generation assistants work hand-in-hand with them is a great strategy.

Here's what your lead generation assistant can do:


Create email/message templates

Your assistant can create and compile introduction and follow-up templates for cold email outreach, LinkedIn, or other social media if you don't already have them.

Set up and manage lead generation platforms

Your assistant can help you set up/manage tools for your lead generation needs (i.e. Apollo, GrowthGenius, Lemlist, CRMs, etc)

Research & compile data reports

Weekly or monthly, your assistant can gather accurate data from your lead outreach campaigns so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

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