Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Elly?

We have you covered on all bases.

No hiring headaches

Avoid the hiring hassle and find a trustworthy, qualified assistant in less than a day. You can have more than one VA with us.

Stress-free workflow

If your assistant can't work for any reason, we have a trained replacement ready to pick up where they left off. No extra work on your part.

Fast and easy communication

Get in touch with Elly any time through our email, website, or our portal. We won't leave you hanging.

What tasks can Elly do for me?

Administrative assistance

Back-office tasks including documentation, research, email and calendar management, MS Office tasks, calls, personal errands, and handling confidential information.

Customer support

Reliable customer service via chat support, account management, email follow-ups, order processing, and more.

Content creation and social media assistance

Content research, topics, publishing schedule, creating simple copy or basic graphic designs (with Canva) for your website or social media accounts.

Client prospecting and outreach

Implementing your outreach strategies via email or social media, researching prospects, data reports, and more.

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